Why You Need a Wedding Planning Checklist

Wedding planning is a lengthy process and involves the coordination of many different suppliers and vendors, bringing together a range of different ideas and details and ensuring nothing is left out! That is why it is important to utilize as many tools as you can such as a wedding planning checklist, to ensure you get through it without any hitches or last minute panics.

A wedding planning checklist is essentially a list of tasks and elements that need to be carried out for your wedding day. The internet is full of such checklists with most being freely available to download and print out. Whilst these wedding planning checklists provide you with a valuable aid to successful wedding, it is also a good idea to produce your own lists.

Essentially the checklists you will download will be generic to most types of wedding. However, no two weddings are the same and you will need to edit them to make them fit with your wedding requirements. Aside from being a list of tasks, they will usually be broken down into shorter lists, which are dated to be carried out at various times during your wedding planning phase. For instance, they will be broken down into 12 months, 9 months, 6 months etc all with different tasks which need to be completed at this time.

The average period for planning a wedding is 18 months, but weddings can be planned in longer or shorter time frames so you will need to adjust the planning checklists to suit the time frame you have in mind. Good checklists should also include a wedding budget planner so you can assign your budget to each element of your wedding day.

Aside from the main set of checklists, it is a good idea to create your own checklists each day, with tasks to be completed that day. Checklists do not include detailed tasks such as meeting with the florist, tasting wedding cakes or confirming numbers with the caterers. A bound diary can be a useful tool in this case or purchase a blank sturdy notebook which you can fit in your handbook and which can be used for everything from checklists to contact numbers.

Creating your own checklists is easy to do however, at the start of your planning it can be advisable to use a generic set of wedding planning checklists so you know everything you will need to include on your own lists. Checklists will become invaluable tools as you proceed through your wedding planning and used properly and regularly they will go a long way to ensuring nothing is forgotten for your big day.