What is a Wedding Planning Checklist?

A wedding planning checklist is a useful tool for any bride to have when it comes to planning her wedding. It essentially lets her know what she needs to do and when she needs to do it, by means of an itemized list of tasks to be completed at various stages throughout her wedding planning phase.

These checklists are freely available from sources such as wedding websites, wedding directories and bridal magazines. Typically they will follow a generic template which will cover an average 18 month planning period and list tasks suited to a traditional white wedding – either civil or religious.

A good checklist needs to cover each element of the wedding in sufficient detail that the bride can carry out her wedding planning with success. Poor checklists will omit important details and elements or place tasks in the wrong stage of the planning period. It is advisable to look at as many different checklists as possible before deciding on one which fits with your wedding.

Downloading a free wedding planning checklist from the internet should give you the ability to edit it to suit your wedding plans and the period in which you wish to plan your wedding. You could also copy a checklist from a magazine onto your computer and edit it accordingly. Having a hard copy on your computer will enable you to edit it further as you progress through your wedding planning and to print out extra copies as you need them.

Whether you are a seasonal pro at organizing any size of occasion or completely in the dark about what to do first, having a good wedding planning checklist is essential if you are to successfully arrange the wedding of your dreams. Not only will it tell you what you need to be doing and when, but it will also let you know at a glance where you are with your wedding planning and if you are on course to complete everything by the big day.

There is a final benefit as well, as a checklist will also let you delegate tasks to other people such as your groom and maid of honor. Giving them a copy will let them help you with your wedding planning and let them know of any tasks that they can help you with. For instance, if you delegate the arranging of the wedding transportation to your groom, he will be able to see when he needs to do this and when it needs to be confirmed by. Your maid of honor will be able to see when she can organize the bridal shower and baccalaureate party as well as helping you with picking up purchases, making the wedding favors and sending out the invitations.