Be Organized With a Wedding Planning Checklist

Wedding planning can be an overwhelming and stressful task. Your wedding will be the biggest party you will ever organize and unless you are experienced at planning one you will likely need all the help you get. That is why having a wedding planning checklist will be the most important tool you will need to successfully plan your wedding day.

Finding a checklist is not difficult. Many wedding websites have them free to download and most bridal magazines will carry a version you can cut out keep. The trick is to find one which you can use efficiently and which corresponds with your wedding plans. This is not as easy as it may seem as most wedding planning checklists are designed according to a generic template and so may not suit every wedding.

Downloading a free checklist is the best form of checklist to obtain as you can then edit it using word processing software to fit with your wedding style and plans. You can also adjust the timeline, which is usually over an 18 month period, to fit with the time you have left till your wedding day.

But don’t just settle for the first checklist you come across. Make sure you find one which contains enough detail for you to efficiently plan your wedding and one which will ensure you do not omit anything important or forget any of the finishing touches. You also need to make sure that each segment contains the correct tasks for that period within your planning. A bad checklist will have you ordering your cake too early or your wedding favors too late. Try to compare several different checklists, both online and in magazines, to find one which best fits the bill.

Finally, look for one which comes with bonus extras, such as an eBook on wedding planning and a wedding budget planner will help you to breakdown your wedding budget so you can see how you have to spend on each element of your wedding, such as your reception, your wedding dress and flowers. A wedding checklist is an invaluable tool but you need to make sure you pick the right one or your wedding plans could be thrown into disarray!

Once you have your checklist make sure you save the original (edited version) on your computer and print out several copies for yourself and everyone else who will be involved in your wedding planning. This could include your groom, your maid of honor, your bridesmaids and your mom. If you need to edit it again you have a copy on your computer which you can quickly change and re-print.

Minimize Your Wedding Planning Stress With Checklists

A wedding is a time to share your happiness with your family and it’s the start of a new life with your partner. So, it’s no surprise that wedding planning takes months to do well. There is also a lot of stress involved in planning a wedding, and it can easily become your worst logistical nightmare, rather than a day to remember. There are, however, certain things you can do to avoid this.

Steps to wedding planning

Firstly, stay-level headed while planning your wedding; it’s just another day, after all, and you’re not going to enjoy it unless you take it in your stride. Secondly, keep it simple, if you’re going to want the best of everything, your stress levels are going to rocket and you might find yourself breathing into a paper bag and losing your hair when you should be a handsome groom or glowing bride-to-be. Thirdly, start making lists. Using a wedding planning checklist is the one and only sure-fire way to remember everything for your special day and feel like you are in control.

Wedding planning checklists and ideas

Ideally, you should have between six months and a year to plan your wedding. Because emotions will be running high at this time, you should be sure not to overlook or exclude anybody. Your mother will be upset if you tell your best friend you are getting married before you tell her. Draw up a list of the people you need to announce the engagement to in order of priority. Obviously, both sets of parents are number one on the list, followed by siblings, other close family and then good friends. Everyone else can find out by means of a wedding announcement or perhaps even an announcement on Facebook or a group email.

When you start planning your wedding, you might want to draw up a list of everyone you’ll be inviting to your wedding so that you have an idea of the size of the venue you’ll need. Next, consider your budget, which will guide you in your wedding planning endeavors; for instance, if you’re having a small wedding, will you be able to afford it yourself or will you need help from your parents? Then decide on what sort of venue you want and what you can afford and if you’ll be bringing in caterers. Other wedding planning checklists you might need include: checklists for the wedding and bridesmaid dresses, checklists for the groom’s attire, checklists for the reception and checklists for the menu and music.

One advantage of a planning a wedding is that you and your partner will be thrown together during a stressful time which is good practice for the marriage itself. Sharing your opinions and making wedding plans together is a great way to become closer and discover if there are any problems in the relationship you need to iron out before the big day. The last thing to remember when you close your wedding planning calendar is to take the wedding day as it comes and enjoy yourself.

The Importance of Wedding Planning

Regardless of the style and size of your wedding and wedding budget, it is imperative that you take the time to include wedding planning. This does not necessarily mean that you need to hire a professional wedding planner or coordinator, but you will be able to pull off the biggest event of your life much more smoothly, and with much less stress, if you consider hiring someone to take care of the wedding planning.

Individuals who are on a limited budget may consider asking someone close to them, perhaps a relative or friend, to perform this role and handle the wedding planning for them. Traditionally, this role has been unofficially filled by the mother of the bride; who handles all kinds of wedding planning details. As weddings became more sophisticated over the course of time, families began to outsource this position in order that both the bride and her mother could share this very special time without a lot of hassle and stress.

Nevertheless, when budget constraints are a concern, asking someone close to you to handle the wedding planning can take a tremendous strain off the bride.

The individual who handles the wedding planning can handle as much or as little as the bride wishes. Even if the bride and groom are only planning to have a small, intimate ceremony it is well worth the effort to begin wedding planning early; at least six months prior to the big day. This is especially important if the happy couple wishes to reserve a popular site to hold their nuptials. Many of the most popular sites for weddings become booked as much as one year in advance. This is also true for caterers, photographers and many other important wedding service providers.

In many cases, it can prove to be financially beneficial to begin wedding planning early as well. It’s possible to take advantage of numerous discounts and deals by shopping early and at strategies times during the year; especially after the prime wedding season. Usually this is only possible when brides begin to plan their weddings several months in advance.

If the wedding is going to formal in natural, it’s an absolute must to begin wedding planning early; preferably a year ahead of time. Not only must sites and vendors be reserved in advance, but a formal wedding usually also includes an extensive guest list. Most brides who plan formal weddings find it necessary to not only send out wedding invitations six to eight weeks in advance but to send out save the date notices as well. This is particularly important if the wedding is going to be held out of town and travel accommodations will need to be made or when a wedding is planned to be held during a popular social season.

Initially, by handling wedding planning in advance brides can handle all the numerous details that go along with a wedding at a steady, even pace rather than at breakneck speed just a few weeks before she walks down the aisle. This strategy allows the bride to enjoy her big day, assured that all the details have been handled.

Wedding Planning Checklist

If you’re thinking about planning a wedding it might seem a very daunting task. A wedding planning checklist should cover most of the things you need to think about. Here are some helpful tips for your wedding planning checklist:

9-12 months before

Announce Engagement
Select Wedding Date
Start a wedding folder to keep track of everything
Hire wedding coordinator if desired
Decide on budget & how expenses will be shared
Determine type of wedding: location, theme, number of guests, formality, time of day
Develop a system/spreadsheet for keeping track of payments and costs
Decide if you will be inviting children or not
Create an approximate guest list
Select venue for ceremony
Select and book Officiant/Priest/Minister/Rabbi
Select venue for reception
Choose bridal outfit
Decide on colour scheme
Arrange passports, visas, birth certificates, any documents need for travel and/or marriage licenses

6-9 Months before

Research and book photographers, videographer, bands, florists, and caterers
Select wedding party
Give wedding party a list of their responsibilities
Choose bridesmaids & flower girl outfits
Select and book musicians for ceremony if necessary
Select and book band or DJ for reception
Register for your wedding gifts (this can be done sooner)
Set up a wedding day website if required

4 to 6 Months before

Schedule fittings bridesmaids outfits if necessary
Finalise guest list and send out ‘save the date’ cards if desired
Select and order invitations and other wedding stationary
Set date, time and location for rehearsal
Select and book honeymoon night suite
Plan your honeymoon
Shop for your wedding gifts to your wedding party
Buy shoes, lingerie and accessories for the bride
Buy shoes and accessories for the bridesmaids
Choose and order wedding bands

2 to 4 Months before

Order wedding cake
Order party favors
Select and order decorations
Select and book wedding day transportation
Do hair and make up trials and book for wedding day
Obtain marriage license
Choose ceremony readers
Choose ushers to seat your guests
Choose your MC

6 to 8 Weeks before

Keep a record of RSVP’s and early wedding gifts
Keep a record of gifts and send thank you’s cards
Purchase all ceremony and reception accessories: guest book, toasting glasses, garter, ring pillow, etc.
Select and reserve wedding outfits for all gentlemen in wedding party
Send out your invitations
Select your something old, new, borrowed, blue

2 to 6 Weeks before

Finalize all food and beverages for wedding
Finalize all ceremony details with Officiant
Finalize all rehearsal arrangements
Finalize all floral arrangements
Final fittings for yourself and bridesmaids
Make a wedding day itinerary
Give a copy of the itinerary to your wedding party and vendors
Finalize all details with all your suppliers
Decide order of receiving line and head table setting
Contact guest that haven’t replied
Pick up wedding rings
Visit reception site for floor plan
Decide on reception seating plan
Give photographer a photo checklist
Give musicians a list of your music selection
Print out seating cards

1 Week before
Give caterer/reception venue final numbers of guests
Wrap reception flavours

Wedding Day

Eat breakfast
Pack anything remaining on your “To Bring” list in cars
Make sure Maid of Honor has groom’s ring and Best Man has bride’s ring
Make sure you have your marriage license, photo permit and Special Occasions Permit, if needed
Put your engagement ring on your right hand
Remember to look around and soak in the views of the day you planned so long and hard for

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