Make Your Own Wedding Planning Checklist

A wedding planning checklist is an important tool in your wedding planning armory. It will help you to see what needs to be done and when it has to be done by. It will also show you what you have completed and what is still left to do – that is if you have been using it properly.

However, many wedding planning checklists are generic and will contain perhaps many things that are not applicable to your wedding. They may also not contain many things which are, so producing your own checklist is the only way of making sure you know everything that needs to be done and when it has to be done by.

You can get hold of a wedding planning checklist for free from many websites and I fully recommend downloading one so you have a framework with which to put your own checklist together.

Begin by putting down the time left till your wedding day, assuming you have set the wedding date already. If you haven’t then think about how much time you want to plan your wedding in, commonly most weddings are planned in 18 months or under, but the timeframe for planning your wedding is entirely up to you. You will probably find a calendar a useful tool to have nearby as you put together your checklist.

Referring back to the wedding planning checklist you have downloaded, fill in all the necessary tasks you will need to do over the coming months. The checklist you have downloaded will give an idea of what you need to do first and how long you need to do it in. It will probably include things like setting the date, choosing the wedding style and theme and booking the ceremony.

Follow this checklist through noting down everything you need to do for your wedding and the timeframes in which you need to do it. If the timeframe from when you start your wedding planning to your wedding day is different to that on the downloaded checklist, then count the months/weeks/days between each section and use them as your guide.

Once you have added in all the generic aspects of your wedding, you can then start to add in all the extra elements and tasks that are particular to your wedding day. Some you may already know about, others may present themselves later on in the wedding planning. Your checklist will likely become an ever evolving thing which you will regularly update, amend and add to.

Always make sure you allow yourself sufficient time to complete a task and double check to make sure you haven’t left anything vital out, such as purchasing the wedding rings! Remember to include time for appointments, shopping for favors and sending out the wedding invitations.

Once you have finished your wedding planning checklist, save a copy on your computer for future editing and print out two or three copies – one for your own planning notes, one for your groom and one for your parents or maid of honor (essentially anyone who will be helping you).