Keep to Schedule With a Wedding Planning Checklist

When you begin your wedding planning you will need to set your wedding date as one of your first tasks. The time to your wedding day is then your wedding planning period, during which time you will need to book, organize and arrange every element and detail of your wedding day. This is where a wedding planning checklist comes in.

Having a wedding planning checklist in your planning tools is essential. Not only will it tell you what you need to do for your wedding day, but it will also tell you when you need to do it within your planning period. If you use it correctly you should stay on schedule and have everything you want for your wedding day.

Planning checklists can be found for free in bridal magazines, wedding directories and online at many wedding websites. Often though it can be difficult to find a checklist which is fully coordinated to your wedding plans and planning period, so try to choose one which comes pretty close and edit it to fit with your plans.

As you progress through your planning be sure to refer to your checklist often to make sure you don’t overlook anything important and to make sure you are on schedule to complete everything by the wedding day. Tick off each task as it is completed so you know where you are.

A wedding planning checklist can also be useful for creating mini checklists which can be more detailed and specific to a certain task, for instance your wedding stationery or wedding favors. They can also be used to create checklists for your maid of honor, your groom and anyone else helping you with your wedding planning, particularly if you are assigning them certain tasks to complete for you.

Have a blank version of your checklist stored on your computer so you can edit it later on if you need to. Often your plans may change or you suddenly decide to add something else in. You can then print out new copies for yourself and anyone else who needs them. Keep your checklist with your planning notes and make sure you always take it with you when meeting with suppliers and vendors, you may need to refer to it quickly. It can also be useful to have a copy pinned up on a notice board at home for quick reference.