Free Wedding Planning

Free wedding planning will help you save a sufficient amount of money on planning a wedding. Even though numerous companies and private people currently offer their wedding planning services, these services tend to be rather expensive. Furthermore, even if you find an affordable planner, it might make you feel left out or even out of control, if another person manages the planning of your wedding.

How can you plan your wedding on your own? There are two main approaches: free online or downloadable wedding planning software, or a regular spreadsheet application.

1. Free Wedding Planning with the Use of a Spreadsheet

If you have a good command of any spreadsheet application, you can simply turn it into an excellent wedding planner. Spreadsheet application would help you easily calculate the costs, manage the budget, and manage all other aspects of planning a wedding.

Advantages of this method are as follows: no need to research for free wedding planning software, and no need to install that software on your computer in case it’s downloadable software. Furthermore, this method eliminates any headache that may arise from incompatibility of some applications with some computers (e.g., Mac) or a certain operating system. Furthermore, some tools have a “not very user-friendly” interface, and using a spreadsheet would eliminate the need of learning how to use this new program.

The drawbacks are as follows: since you would not be using a specialized tool, you would need to do all the required research on your own, searching for the wedding etiquette information, guides about wedding ceremonies, the order of events, and hundreds of things- to-do needed for a wedding.

2. Free Wedding Planning with the Use of a Wedding Planning Software

Free wedding software is another easy way to plan a wedding on your own and free of charge. There are many online tools that do not even require installation, allowing for their easy use in any browser.

The benefits of using such a tool are that this is a specialized application, which generally comprises all of the aspects of planning a wedding. In fact, this might be beneficial and negative at the same time, since such a tool may provide you with too many features and possibilities, “making your eyes cross”. However, more is better than less, and you can rest assure that you will find any possible detail of things needed to be done.

The bottom line: you can easily plan your wedding on your own and at no cost, if you simply choose to use a regular spreadsheet application or free online or downloadable wedding planning software.