5 Reasons to Use a Wedding Planning Checklist

For any bride about to embark on planning her wedding, using any tools and aids she can get would make sense. A wedding planning checklist is possibly the most useful and important of these tools and can turn even the most disorganized of brides into a super-organized wedding planner!

Here are five reasons why you should have a wedding planning checklist:

1. Unless you have experience in planning and organizing weddings, then knowing what needs to be done and when will like trying to find your way around a darkened cave! A wedding planning checklist will show what tasks you need to do and when so you can organize your wedding in time.

2. Do you know when you have to order important elements such as your wedding cake, flowers, and wedding favors? A checklist will tell you at a glance and will be vital in ensuring all of these items are present and correct on the big day.

3. A wedding planning checklist will help you to plan ahead. If you work or have other events coming up during your planning phase, then you will be able to fit your planning in around them. You will be able to schedule time off, make sure appointments and deliveries don’t clash with something else and of course you will be able to make sure you don’t miss those all important dress fittings!

4. A wedding planning checklist will help you to create mini checklists which as you come to the latter stages of your planning will become something of a daily ritual. Min checklists will help you to organize things such as collection items, arranging deliveries, making wedding favors or centerpieces – generally everything relating to the finishing touches of your day.

5. Providing a wedding planning checklist to those who are closest to you with your planning is a good way of keeping them involved with the wedding preparations. It will also help them to complete any tasks you may ask them to do on time. Give a copy to your groom, mom and maid of honor, so they can keep track of what stage you are at with your planning.

There are plenty of reasons why you should use a wedding planning checklist. They will ultimately provide you with a handy reference of what you should be doing and can give you an at a glance overview of whether or not you will get everything done on time! Look for free versions in magazines, books, wedding directories and online at wedding websites.